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  Studio of design

If the services of the highly professional designers are necessary to you, You safely can address to us.

  Spectrum of services

Design, diagram, веб design, development of a trade mark, Firm style, envelopes, leaflets, booklets, posters...

Creation of sites, optimization, registration in the catalogues and search systems...

Design of an interior, development of idea of your project, plan of a premise(room), plan of arrangement of furniture, The plan of arrangement the sanitary technicians, three-dimensional kind of a premise(room) in colours, Executed with the help of the special computer programs...

  Advertising Design

We mean under this capacious concept Synthesis of marketing, psychology, design - The integral parts in development of visual advertising means. If the design is simple is a creation beautiful image, The advertising design is a creation beautiful image, which Brings to its(her) owner money. That the advertising worked, "moved Trade" - in its(her) basis there should be an Idea, which is not simple It is pleasant to the designer and Customer, and, first of all, influences On the clients of the Customer. And influences how is conceived and Is planned.

The professional search of Ideas does not depend on random factors Like mood or diagram of visitings by a Muse. Business of the Client for the beginning is in details studied, is analyzed Activity and advertising of the competitors and пр. By a starting point That audience acts, for which actually and is intended The developed project.

  Ethymology of concept "Design"

Design a plan, intention, plan, purpose, Intention, creative plan, project. The drawing, account, Design, sketch, figure, pattern, composition, art Compositions, work of art.

  Sense of concept "Design"

Design - specific number(line) of design activity, United art - subject creativity and scientifically The proved engineering practice in sphere industrial Manufactures.

  Definition of concept "Design"

The design is a creative method, process and result Art - technical designing of industrial products, Their complexes and systems focused on achievement Most complete conformity of created objects and environment(Wednesday) in To the whole opportunities and need(requirement) of the man, And aesthetic.

  Practice and theory of design

Practice of design - art designing. The theory of design - industrial art.

  A subject of design

A subject of design activity is the creation harmonious, Of the substantial and expressive form of object, in which is reflected Complete meaning(importance) it(him) the consumer of value.

  Objects of design

Object of design can become practically new technical industrial Product (complete set, ensemble, complex, system) in any sphere Abilities to live of the people, where is socially - culturaled caus Human dialogue.

  The basic method of design

Art - figurative modeling of object Design - designing by means of composite education of the form. It is based on results of the analysis both aesthetic inquiries and preferences The certain groups of the consumers, in view of a situation and environment(Wednesday) Uses and perception(recognition) of object, and also analysis of function Object (as means of subject maintenance appropriate Needs(requirements)), constructional and finishing materials and Technologies of manufacturing of products caused by opportunities The concrete enterprise.

  An image in design

Ideal representation about object, art - figurative model, Created by imagination of the designer.

  function of design

The job, which should carry out a product, and also semantic, sign And valuable of a role of a thing.

  Morphology in design

Structure, structure of the form of a product organized in Conformity with his(its) function, material and way Manufacturing, embodiments a plan of the designer.

  The technological form in design

Morphology embodied in a way industrial Manufactures of thing - object of design - designing in result Art judgement of technology.

  Aesthetic value in design

The special meaning(importance) of object revealed by the man in Situations of aesthetic perception(recognition), emotions, sensual Experiences and estimations of a degree of conformity of object To aesthetic ideal of the subject.

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